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Church and Pastor’s Council

Rev. Gary Watt

Mother Phyllis Jemmott

Elder David Bravery

Sis. Novelette Forrester

Deacon Terry Layne


Credentialed Ministers

Rev. Gary Watt Rev. Adrian Foster



Elder David Bravery Elder Frank Nation Elder Winston Neil

Elder Lynvan Anderson


Prayer Mothers

Mother Lorna Nation Mother Phyllis Jemmott Mother Kathlene Brown

Mother Jean Young Mother Hesba Reid Mother Beulah Lewis


Finance Committee

Sis. Lisa Bravery – Secretary/Treasurer

Mother Kathlene Brown

Bro. Marcel Paisley (Consultant)

Sis. Olivia Pryce - Ass. Secretary/Treasurer

Rev. Gary Watt (CPC Liaison)



Sis. Agnes Anderson - DSL


Planning Committee

Sis. Carolyn Anderson Sis. Simone Watt Sis. Keisha Jackson

Sis. Davine Fowlin-Young Sis. Sharon Williams Sis. Faye Callam

Sis. Andrea Edwards


Youth Department

Sis. Keisha Jackson – Director

Sis. Nicola Rose - Assistant Director

Sis. Andrea Edwards – Sunday School Superintendent

One needed – Children’s Ministry Director

One needed - Secretary


Sunday School Ministry

Sis. Andrea Edwards - Superintendent One needed - Secretary

One needed - Assistant Superintendent One needed - Assistant Secretary



Sis. Davine Fowlin-Young & Sis. Carolyn Anderson: Adults

Rev. Gary Watt: Teenagers

Sis. Keisha Jackson Children


Christian Discipleship, Evangelism and Missions Committee

Rev. Adrian Foster - Director

Elder Winston Neil - Prison Ministry

Rev. Gary Watt & Sis. Novelette Forrester - New Believers Discipleship

Sis. Novelette Forrester - Connections Coordinator

Sis. Fay Callam - Wellness Ministry

Sis. Pauline Pryce - Members Care

Sis. Rosalie Taylor - Ushers Committee

Sis. Elaine Cunningham - Prayer Coordinator

Bro. Paul Pryce - Committee Member


Wellness Ministry

Sis. Fay Callam - President Sis. Joy Ashley

Sis. Andrea Edwards Sis. Rosalie Taylor

Rev. Gary Watt Sis. Carolyn Anderson


Members Care

Sis. Pauline Pryce - Coordinator Sis. Elaine Cunningham Sis. Raquel Okwesie

Sis. Cherine Blackwood - Assistant Elder Lynvan Anderson Sis. Rosalie Taylor

Sis. Joy Ashley Sis. Lilieth Layne Elder Frank Nation


Life Builders Men’s Ministry

Bro. Lynvan Anderson - President Bro. Aldin Jackson - Vice President

Bro. Paul Pryce - Secretary


Communications Department

Sis. Keisha Jackson – Coordinator Sis. Pauline Layne

Sis. Simone Watt Sis. Sharon Williams


Women’s Ministry Executive

Sis. Davine Fowlin-Young – President

Sis. Agnes Anderson – Vice President

Sis. Olivia Pryce – Secretary/Treasurer

Sis. Karen Cowans - Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


Pastoral Care and Hospitality Committee

Sis. Lisa Bravery - Team Leader Sis. Agnes Sis. Lorna Watson

All Members of the CPC Sis. Elaine Cunningham Mother Kathlene Brown


Cleaning and Sanitisation

Sis. Novelette Forrester Elder Lynvan Anderson Sis. Lilieth Layne

Mother Beulah Lewis


Prayer & Fasting Ministry

Sis. Elaine Cunningham - Coordinator

Mother Hesba Reid – Assistant Coordinator

Mother Phyllis Jemmott

Elder Lynvan Anderson

Mother Lorna Nation

Mother Jean Young

Elder Winston Neil

Mother Beulah Lewis


Building and Maintenance

Elder David Bravery - Director Elder Lynvan Anderson Elder Winston Neil

Elder Frank Nation Bro. Aldin Jackson Deacon Terry Layne

Bro. Norman Pryce


Ushers Board

Sis. Rosalie Taylor - Director Sis. Andrea Edwards Sis. Jaqueline Layne

Sis. Novelette Forrester Sis. Aliya Jackson Sis. Marva Gayle

Sis. Sharon Williams


Media, Music, and Sound

Host Pastor – Director Praise and Worship Director

Bro. David Bravery - Assistant/Media Bro. Alvin (Sound)

Sis. Fay Callam (Social Media) Sis. Nicola (Social Media)

Jon-Nathan Young (Media) Bro. Aldin Jackson


Praise and Worship

Sis. Lisa Bravery - Director

Sis. Davine Fowlin-Young

Sis. Cherine Blackwood Sis. Agnes Anderson-Knight

Mr. Abraham Hampton - Minister of Music - Keyboards  


Choir Directors

Youth/Children Choir: Sis. Keisha Jackson

Men’s Choir: Elder Lynvan Anderson

Ladies Choir: Sis. Davine Fowlin-Young


Church and Pastor’s Council Ministry Responsibilities

Rev. Gary Watt 

• Youth Department

• Discipleship, Evangelism and Missions

• Finance Committee

Elder David Bravery

• Life Builders

• Media, Music, and Sound

• Building and Maintenance

Deacon Terry Layne

• Wellness Ministry

• Members’ Care Ministry

• Choirs

Sis. Novelette Forrester

• Communications Department

• Praise and Worship

• Ushers Board

Mother Phyllis Jemmott 

• Women’s Ministry

• Pastoral Care and Hospitality

• Prayer and Fasting Ministry


Upcoming Events

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